Monday, December 24, 2012

Danny Choo Japan Culture Night 2012

Danny Choo Japan Culture Night  2012
Venue: PGRM, Cheras KL
Date: 24th December 2012

After CF 2012 event, Danny Choo JPN Culture night is the last function of the year 2012.

This year the gathering is set in PGRM building, quite near to KL city. So i decide to attend the gathering, and prepare some of my Resident Evil Fan Art for Danny Choo.

*More info coming up....

:: Danny Choo JPN Night 2012 ::

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 2

Date: 23th Dec 2012
Venue: KLCC

Yesterday bcoz want to save some time, at the end i pay alot RM for my car park..
Today i park beside KLCC the open space car park, only req about RM14 for whole day.

On 2nd day event, i promise to someone that ..i cos as Princess Zelda from Skyward Sword. Althought i didt play the game, but i took me few week to watch video of game walkthough. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 1

Date: 22th Dec 2012
Venue: KLCC

As usual i take part in CF, rent doujin booth for sale my stuff. This time i sale more Resident Evil theme item, and cosplay Helena Harper the 1st Costume.

This year  Doujin booth are increase until 200 unit, it getting more large number. And my booth easy to remember, Like a G6 like a G6...XD...And my booth is near to washroom, so i guess i can sneak in very easy and fast...


:: Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 1 album ::

Monday, October 22, 2012

24 Hour Comic Challenge 2012

Date: 20th-21st Oct 201
Venue: National Art Gallery

Only find out about this event about a week ago, and i still manage to book my seat. It been long time since 2008, my spirit of manga finally come back to me.

Since the last time experience, i know what title i should draw, what material i should bring.. i even install few fav song into my Samsung Smart phone, so that i can heard while i busy sketch & fill up black line.

Reach there about 10 am, and i ask my sister drop me there bcoz i think she maybe need a car to use..When i reach at registration counter, i recieve a door gift, Sketch book, some stationary and old magazine.

:: 24 Hour Comic Challenge 2012 ::

Friday, September 21, 2012

Resident Evil 5th Movie Premier

Resident Evil 5th Movie Premier
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Main Entrance
Date: 7th September 2012 [Friday]

After claim my sunglasses & case, me & sister head to Sunway Pyramid for RE 5th movie premiere. One of the cast - Ada Wong aka Lee Bin Bin will make appearance for promote the movie. Sister went to the shopping district, and i stand in the shopping mall entrance wait for Lee Bin Bin. TGV worker start give away the T-shirt and poster, my friend who cos Leon he get 1 huge RE poster. Lately, the MC start a game which the winner can walk away an exclusive Imax movie ticket. And they can watch the movie with Lee Bin Bin. I leave the area & meet my sis, bcoz i cannot "tahan" the man natural smell...

Although i didt get the poster, T or even the Imax ticket. I got myself 4 free movie passes from Radio SMS contest!! Overall the movie is quite good, the action scene which fulfill a lot of audience taste. Myself only wanna see my fav RE idol - Leon in action, it was act by Johann Urb. Hope someone...or get enough $$ to purchase RE6 which gonna release in Oct!!!

Few photo, not much...::RE 5th movie premier::

TAF Day 2 @ 2nd September

Taylor Asaban Festival [TAF] 2012
Venue: Grand Hall, Lakeside Campus
Date: 1st - 2nd September 2012
[*yes it crash with STGCC, as well as 2nd Sept the Anicom cosplay competition final]

Yesterday the TAF trip pay a lot of tol fee, so today i decide use Federal Highway to the destination. Lucky no traffic jam all the way to Taylor campus!!!

Today i bring along my Nyanko-Sensei to venue, special purchase from Japan - Ikebukuro Street. Everyone luv him so much!!!

Today highlight is singing competition & solo cosplay competition, other will be JRock band performance. Most of the senior level cosplayer are already go for Final cosplay competition in Sungai Wang Plaze. So today eye-witness some full-dresses cosplayer inside the hall.

Outside the Grand Hall which the campus surround by a lakeside aka Pool, is a nice place for cosplay photoshoot. For those didt attend STGCC & the final Competition, i see lot people plan & make their cosplay photoshoot in that area...*i also make cameo shoot for my Nyanko-Sensei too...X3

*Again, i need gather info of winner from singing & cosplay competition...

Feel free visit TAF 2012 Day 2

TAF Day 0+1 @ 31st Aug-1st Sept 2012

Taylor Asaban Festival [TAF] 2012
Venue: Grand Hall, Lakeside Campus
Date: 1st - 2nd September 2012
[*yes it crash with STGCC, as well as 2nd Sept the Anicom cosplay competition final]

Again after the last TAF event, this is 2nd time i step in Taylor Lakeside Campus. The environment & building structure did improve a lot. This time i sale back the same item, which is same as AMG on 25th - 26th Aug.

My booth been confirm a day bf the event, they very kind to guide us. Lucky i was there on 31st Aug, we - booth owner need to be there as early as 8am on TAF 1st day!!!...*k, thats the most early timing that, i need to came to set up my booth .

As usually, MC give a speech...blah...blah. Music play loud.....Only different is, the MC is Batman ..XD. The stage was decorate with Rock concert backdrop, after the TAF event need make way for Tamashi concert....

Today sale wasnt as good as AMG, but still the Car sign is the popular item....

*Once i get remember will 'write' again, to lazy to make report..>XP

Feel free view my TAF Day 0+1  photo album!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Animangaki 2012 @ Day 2

Animangaki 2012 @ Day 2
Date: 25th - 26th August 2012
Venue: SPCC, Sunway Pyramid

...*more info coming up..stay tune

::Animangaki 2012 @ day 2::

Animangaki 2012 @ Day 1

Animangaki 2012 @ Day 1
Date: 25th - 26th August 2012
Venue: SPCC, Sunway Pyramid

This year AMG event change to a new place, which is familiar to all the Anime fan - SPCC n sunway pyramid shopping center. SPCC is very famous for organize huge & big function, Comic Fiesta been held in here back to year 2008 & 2009.

This time they only manage to rent 1 hall, which it fit sponsor company & doujin booth. This time i fell hall is quite small...*but what i feel this 2 days, the aura are better than CF 2010 in Berjaya Times Square. I believe most of the fan not like the crowded

Since it near the end of school holiday, most visitor decide to attend is drop on saturday [25th]. My doujin booth is near enterance, so attract alot visitor to buy my stuff.

Although it is small, but still the visitor able enjoy their best time in AMG!!

......&more story and highlight will sharing to my reader, hope u guys remember pin or bookmark this blog. And remember come to Asaban event on 1st- 2nd Sept in Taylor College U at Lakeside campus near Sunway Pyramid Tol.

Here is picture link, if u r cosplayer in my photo..please let your msn here...or email me [] for req high resolution pic...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MY cherry blossom JPN trip

MY cherry blossom JPN trip
Travel period: 16th April-25th April 2012 
Destination: Osaka - Tokyo 
Airline: Air Asia X 

Finally i able take a flight go to my dreamland - Japan, this time i choose land on Osaka- a richer city full with historical culture, temple & Castle. I will separate each day into different post, easy for my reader to review my travel plan. If u need any info or question about my travel, pls send your question to my personal email - And i will try my best to answer it asap...  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Good Japan 2012

Good Good Japan 2012
Venue: GF Pavilion, KL
Date: July 2012

At first i wanna record the cosplayer catwalk hour, but when i reach there is too late.

The purpose Pavilion organize the Good Good Japan, is raise fund for Tohoko Earthquake victim. Not only the cosplayer catwalk show, but also some Japan theme merchandise sale.

Since it is in july, Japanese will celebrate "Tanabata Festival" [ is a Japanese star festival, originating from the Chinese Qixi Festival.It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively)...*more info please refer to :: Tanabata ::

Good Good Japan 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sawachi Nijikai 2012

Sawachi Nijikai 2012
Date: 17th March 2012
Venue: Nilai University college

Scream, Fan Services, butlers, Singing and cosplayer performance. This is all u can get it from Sawachi Nijikai event, special present by Nilai University College!

Driving from KL to Nilai U approx 2 hours, me manage take breakfast at McD beside Sungai Besi. Once reach at NUC, time already pass 11 am...

After register at main entrance, get the special chop on my hand and i ready to enjoy fun time in the event.

Feel free visit :: Sawachi 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Animax Event 2012

Animax Event 2012
Date: 10th March 2012
Venue: 1U New Wing Oral area

1st day was opening to Astro subscriber, alot of visitor is youngster ppl. The party started at 9am, myself reach there by 11am. Long Q for event, and i didt take part in cosplay competition so need join them. luckyly, Allen Yap show up and guide few of cosplayer get into the event - without any Astro January Bill Statement!! Thanks Captain! The competition begin around 12pm, more than 20 cosplayer take part in Animax cosplay competition. This time they invite Alodia - Cosplay Queen from Philippine to be one the the judge. Our beloved Ayase & Animax manager are joining together with Alodia to be judge the competition!!

First round end on 3pm, more than 10 cosplayer qualifier into final round!! They given a theme to performance on stage once again. After my lunch break, i manage get back on shooting on 3rd cosplayer performance.

And the final result is 3rd place go to Ayumi Goh 2nd place go to Xajin jian [Kuroshitsuji] and 1st place go to Sky Fara [ Umineko no Naku Koro ni ]

Free visit :: Animax 1st day @ Cosplay Competiiton ::

Japan: Kingdom Of Characters Opening Ceremony

Japan: Kingdom Of Characters Opening Ceremony
Venue: Balai Seni aka National Art Gallery
Date: 8th March 2012

Today is official Opening for Japan: Kingdom Of Characters. Althought this exhibition already open on 20th Febuary, but that day specially for cosplayer to be at the reception of the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Shigeru Nakamura. He get invited to pay a visit to the exhibition. Together with local High School student!!!

During the approx 20 minutes visit, all the cosplayer include me been interview & group photo by local media. After photo session, Mr Shigery Nakamura as well as other media & cosplayer were enjoy nice afternoon tea-break.

The activity end around 5pm, and we all received a special National Art Gallery logo neck tie as token. Thank for the opportunity and gain some experiences!!!

Feel free visit the photo :: Opening - Japan: Kingdom of Characters 2012 ::

Sunday, March 11, 2012

LIGHT UP NIPPON: M'sia Remembers

Venue: Publika, KL
Date: 11st March 2012

11st March 2012 march as 1st year annivesary of Tohoku Earthquake. JFkl decide contribute with Cosplay-fun to organise a event, called LIGHT UP NIPPON: Malaysia Remembers.

Live-Band performance, Light Buffet, Firework..Although the event pass out by heavenly rain, but it doesnt stop us to give the victim a support!!

No much photo...
Light up nippon - Msia remember!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 Hari Wilayah Persekutuan - Cosplay Contingent

2012 Hari Wilayah Persekutuan @ 1st Cosplay Contingent
Date: 28th January 2012
Venue: Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur

*inside photo link will be include rehearsal and actually date...
Photo Link
:: Hari Wilayah Cosplay Contingent ::

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Venus New Year Party Countdown 2011

X'mas & New Year Party Countdown 2011
Date: 31st December 2011
Venue: Hotel Sri Petaling, Sri Petaling

It was my first time join Venus party, which held each new year eve. Combine with Xmas celebration.
---coming up

Photo link
+Venus Xmas & new year party 2011+