Friday, September 21, 2012

TAF Day 0+1 @ 31st Aug-1st Sept 2012

Taylor Asaban Festival [TAF] 2012
Venue: Grand Hall, Lakeside Campus
Date: 1st - 2nd September 2012
[*yes it crash with STGCC, as well as 2nd Sept the Anicom cosplay competition final]

Again after the last TAF event, this is 2nd time i step in Taylor Lakeside Campus. The environment & building structure did improve a lot. This time i sale back the same item, which is same as AMG on 25th - 26th Aug.

My booth been confirm a day bf the event, they very kind to guide us. Lucky i was there on 31st Aug, we - booth owner need to be there as early as 8am on TAF 1st day!!!...*k, thats the most early timing that, i need to came to set up my booth .

As usually, MC give a speech...blah...blah. Music play loud.....Only different is, the MC is Batman ..XD. The stage was decorate with Rock concert backdrop, after the TAF event need make way for Tamashi concert....

Today sale wasnt as good as AMG, but still the Car sign is the popular item....

*Once i get remember will 'write' again, to lazy to make report..>XP

Feel free view my TAF Day 0+1  photo album!!

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