Friday, February 27, 2009

Tonight i just finish the Gegege No Kitaro 2th movie - 1000 years old cursed song, character costume is much different from 1st movie version. [special Neko musume character design, not even follow the original design.]
Overoll the story is telling a Human girl been cursed by a monster, Kitaro and his gang are willing to her to brake it. What really exiting is, a character name Yasha which been a hotopic in Youtube website...
After investigate in website, OMG Yasha was act by the Korean Star -So Ji Sub [Something Happened in Bali]. He is too slim & thin in "Yasha" outfit.
One thing for sure, in future there will be lot "Yasha" Cosplayer appear in several anime event. "Yasha" outfit just nice to be a part of cosplay project!!