Saturday, December 24, 2005

*beware...craze otaku will arrived in blogger...*

K..this was me, an article which show that i been interview by local newspaper...
It was happen three years agao, when i still working as graphic designer. The material which show beside me, was a part of my collection. I luv to collection Anime magazine, special the cover show nice illustration. One of my fav magazine was A-Club, it was publish from HK for long history. Unfortunely, A-Club was stop printing without reason in year 2000.

Then, i start collect Anime OST when i start work. Most of the music cd was buy with special price, and bought from many different store. For the Anime DVD set, the most exp i ever bought was titled "Dai-guard". This title i been looking for many place, once saw this set i purchase without thinking further. I even special ask tailor make Dai-guard uniform, as my cosplay outift for attend MCC during 2003 in Sungai Wang. FOr the manga, sadly i even ask "Animate" Taipei branch...this title wasn't available in their store.

About cosplay, "Zelda"-link charater was my first try in cosplay activity. Almost 100% costume & enquirement was rent, from a costume shop in Desa Sri Hartamas [that time i working in Smart Reader].

I hope everyone can enjoy reading my post in "CrazeOtaku" blogspot site, pls remember that love anime wasnt a crime, bad thing, no use...blah blah blah..ok folk, i shall see you in future!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

KMM 2005

KMM 2005 [ Karnival Mesra Melaka ]
Date: 3-6 june 2005
Venue: MITC [ Melaka International Trade Centre ]

An event which organize by Melake goverment society. They open a session which allow us-cosplayer to meet up together. We been provide transport bring us from KL to Melaka International Trade Center [MITC] at Ayer Keroh.

Feel free to view my photo...
+KMM 2005++
[Due old hardisk failure, only able upload is 4//5/2006 photo]

Saturday, March 26, 2005

EMiNA – Anime Fiesta 2005
Date: 26th March 2005
Venue: MMU Cyberjaya