Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kanachan KL 2016

KanachanKL 2016
Venue: Makespace, Quilt City Mall
Time: 11am - 4pm
Date: 18th June 2016

I been invite by Syed Nasruddin Hibiki aka Hibikipro, one of the Photographer who based in Tokyo. He give me free ticket, as thank you for helping him on Kanachan artwork.

This is 2nd time that Hibikipro bring her back KL, to meet his royal fan. I wasn't her fan, but during the performance she interaction with the fans very well. So i try enjoy with her fan and JUMP, swing the neon tired ...

The show was stop around 12 pm, so Kanachan and us can take a break. And i need get to MV for attend my personal treatment....During the break time, Fan are line up for purchase merchandise. So no need wait til show end.

on 2.30pm something i return to Makespace, and see Kanachan fan still gather there. Show was end but Kanachan busy entertaiment with fan..

Here is some highlight of show:
1] Call up for lucky draw, by number that mark on ticket
2] Special session when Kanachan try Malaysia local snack. Kanachan doesnt like Durian chocolate and kurma. Her fav snack is spicy potato chip.
3] 1st part show she wearing Baju Kurung, and i been told that it was her idea.
4] Buy merchandise/ card from booth, you are entitled get a chance to snap photo with Idol1

Well,..although 2nd show wasnt much people, but still everyone here are enjoy Kanachan genki performance. I impress by her voice, smile and the show..

Hope she make will make her come back n years 2017...

+ Kanachan KL 2016 performance +

*Photo capture by me, Image copyrighted to Hibikipro and Kanachan

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WOW! You are so lucky , I wish it was me in your place. I have always been a fan. actually been following him for a while. Thanks for sharing this with us.