Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Moe Matsuri 2016 Day 2

Date: 2nd-3rd July 2016
Venue: Makespace, Quilt City Mall

After take a walk with parent sister in Titiwangsa garden, reach Quilt city mall already pass 10.30am.

But since i left most of my sell item at Saturday, so today i just bring 1 bag of plushie..To try my luck to sale them all

....coming soon

Photo link :: Moe Matsuri 2016 Day 2 ::

Moe Matsuri 2016 Day 1

Date: 2nd - 3rd July 2016
Venue: Makespace, Quilt City Mall

Again sister drop me at shopping mall, help me carry my stuff. And i begin to set up on 9am, after than quickly go to food court buy some breakfast and lunch.

... will updated

Photo link::  Moe Matsuri 20016 day 1 ::

Sunday, June 26, 2016

ACT 2016

ACT - Malaysia ACG Charity Event 2016
Date: 26th June 2016
Venue: Evolve Concept Mall

After finish lunch with parent and sister, i decide head to ACT event which held at Evolve Concept Mall.

Reach the entrance, i already heard noise sound of singing competition.

.....coming soon

Photo link::
++ACT 2016 ++

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kanachan KL 2016

KanachanKL 2016
Venue: Makespace, Quilt City Mall
Time: 11am - 4pm
Date: 18th June 2016

I been invite by Syed Nasruddin Hibiki aka Hibikipro, one of the Photographer who based in Tokyo. He give me free ticket, as thank you for helping him on Kanachan artwork.

This is 2nd time that Hibikipro bring her back KL, to meet his royal fan. I wasn't her fan, but during the performance she interaction with the fans very well. So i try enjoy with her fan and JUMP, swing the neon tired ...

The show was stop around 12 pm, so Kanachan and us can take a break. And i need get to MV for attend my personal treatment....During the break time, Fan are line up for purchase merchandise. So no need wait til show end.

on 2.30pm something i return to Makespace, and see Kanachan fan still gather there. Show was end but Kanachan busy entertaiment with fan..

Here is some highlight of show:
1] Call up for lucky draw, by number that mark on ticket
2] Special session when Kanachan try Malaysia local snack. Kanachan doesnt like Durian chocolate and kurma. Her fav snack is spicy potato chip.
3] 1st part show she wearing Baju Kurung, and i been told that it was her idea.
4] Buy merchandise/ card from booth, you are entitled get a chance to snap photo with Idol1

Well,..although 2nd show wasnt much people, but still everyone here are enjoy Kanachan genki performance. I impress by her voice, smile and the show..

Hope she make will make her come back n years 2017...

+ Kanachan KL 2016 performance +

*Photo capture by me, Image copyrighted to Hibikipro and Kanachan

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Visual Art Expo 2016 Day 2

Date: 4th-5th June 2016
Venue: Starpax, Kenanga Wholesale Mall

Today i able drive to event, park my car at 10th floor. Quickly loading my stuff and begin set up

As usuall, people line up at Visual Art Key booth.

.....*more detail coming up

+VAX 2016 Day 2+

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Visual Art Expo 2016 Day 1

Date: 4th June 2016
Venue: Starxpo kenanga mall, Pudu

This time my sis bring me to the mall, parent is here so i need to let the car for sis.
so..let begin what happen to day 1..

At the early morning, booth owner, organizer people, early bird pass owner has to use the loading bay lift to go up to 15 floor. We wait about 10 minutes for our turn, than we all going up up to 15 floor. 

Claim my pass from counter, bring my stuff to my booth and start to set up. A1 booth is beside the booth sale Gundam figure, and opposite Good Smile company. Set up the booth is quite big challenge, bcoz we all had to face big wind blow in the hall. My door and car sign all drop on floor, but lucky i prepare thec olor wood clip.

The event start on 10.30am if i wast mistake, everyone so excited to get in the event. Mc start get heat and start countdown...Once the time reach, VAX volunteer open the gate and let visitor get in! As far i know some visitor willing to be line up early, as they all came for Visual Art Key merchandise. They came all the way from Japan, to sale their exclusive merchandise. Not only that, the artist and music composer also there to sign each artbook.

.....*more new coming up...lazy to write til finish

+VAX 2016 day 1+

Saturday, April 23, 2016

CTFKL 2016

Date: 23th April 2016
Venue: Dato Keramat Hall, UTC Keramat Mall

1st time join as booth seller, and i gettting start regret

air condition is bad, hot inside and sweat whole day.

......more info coming up!!

+ CTFKL 2016 +

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Animax 2016 Day 2

Animax 2016 Day 2
Date: 27th March 2016

2 incident almost happen on day 2

- Car almost GG inside car park area, but lucky the driver at my back didt get angry which my car actually block in the middle..
- head start spin and headache once step in the event area, but also lucky i able stand and walk after rest in a corner..

Since i gonna travel to Kansai prefecture [yes..2nd time], so i choose only attend day 2.

Sunway Pyramid is famous and happening shopping mall, so imagine that day so many car in and out, For the 1st time i park my car at Sunway car park area, than it told me about 15 minutes walk from car park to venue. Oh forget to mention, Animax also 1st time organize in SPCC!!

As usual, people mountain people sea anyway at SPCC.  Seeing many photographer build up booth near by window open area. Cosplayer sitting at corner busy with make/ costume and sleeping? One thing they never change is, they always put their belongi at the floor without any guard!!

Meet up with friend, hanging with them and lunch together, chit-chat on hot topic ..etc and we go to nearest Uniqlo to find Monster hunter T, and i finally found the red T that i want.

No much photo i took on day 2 event, maybe i tired and no feeling well.

Photo link::
+Animax 2016 Day 2+