Sunday, March 27, 2016

Animax 2016 Day 2

Animax 2016 Day 2
Date: 27th March 2016

2 incident almost happen on day 2

- Car almost GG inside car park area, but lucky the driver at my back didt get angry which my car actually block in the middle..
- head start spin and headache once step in the event area, but also lucky i able stand and walk after rest in a corner..

Since i gonna travel to Kansai prefecture [yes..2nd time], so i choose only attend day 2.

Sunway Pyramid is famous and happening shopping mall, so imagine that day so many car in and out, For the 1st time i park my car at Sunway car park area, than it told me about 15 minutes walk from car park to venue. Oh forget to mention, Animax also 1st time organize in SPCC!!

As usual, people mountain people sea anyway at SPCC.  Seeing many photographer build up booth near by window open area. Cosplayer sitting at corner busy with make/ costume and sleeping? One thing they never change is, they always put their belongi at the floor without any guard!!

Meet up with friend, hanging with them and lunch together, chit-chat on hot topic ..etc and we go to nearest Uniqlo to find Monster hunter T, and i finally found the red T that i want.

No much photo i took on day 2 event, maybe i tired and no feeling well.

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