Tuesday, June 24, 2008

*Where is my fav source? Cant eat without "maggie" ketchup!*..XD
[just a joke, EVA fan should knew what i mean..Thats was happen a scene in EVA TV series, when this mecha are eating the monster...]

When see this picture, it remind me back to late 90's.
I was watching this Eva TV series, in my college friend house.
[actually EVA was the first anime TV series that i watch, i mean in college....]^_^

Oh yeah, lucky i clean up my old newspaper...Thank to the AllMalaysia.info aka Star newspaper, giving us-M'sia blogger opportunity take part in this competition. I should know it, when i see the Eva promotion sticker on the Cineleisure @ Cineplex floor. [i remember coz that time i watch "KungFu Panda" with my family member!]

PLS PICK me as WHat my blogger say, crazy and royalty to anime!! XD

[I think we should had a party, EVA cosplay Party!! Star ppl pls accept my suggestion, this should be fun a all!! XD]

P/S:btw "source" should be "sauce" or "ketchup" better? [after i send the entry for this competition, then only i find out i make the mistake again!...never mind, as long minna san enjoy reading my blog...^_^ let say he ha, hele he ha...ketchup dance..XD!!]

Saturday, March 15, 2008

PSP Cosplay Competition recently just end by yesterday 15th of March 2008. The Venue places just outside the building by Cineleisure, behind was the Flea Market which always full with visitor each weekend.

This cosplay competition host by SONY Malaysia, to promote their PSP console-SONY first Portable Playstation Console. [i believe it was the second version-the slim version of PSP, it release in the market quick a long time ago. Now only they having the Official Roadshow of PSP].SONY also contribute with Animax channel, a channel which release exclusive hotest Anime TV / movie series, report some oversea gamea battle competition...etc. SONY will continue their roadshow til tomoro, together with PSP Games Competition!

First we all cosplayer line up on the stage by 12:30noon, easy to let the visitor/reporter & TV crew to take our photo. Then only calling up one by one, the cosplayer need give 1-2minute performance to show your cosplay character. I'm the first one who give performance on stage. Since i didt prepare any script or BGM, so i just intro myself & my cosplay character. Later on, one by one the cosplayer show their ability to their character in front of the judge. Most of the cosplayer was from MyScific society, some character was from "Star Wars","Star Gate","prirate of carribean"and one from comic+movie character "GHost Rider". The audiece all time fav will be Chaos & Jack Sparrow,one came with fully armor & always smile in drunk mode!

The prize ceremony will bring on til 2:15pm, early setting was 1:45pm but it been change a bit due req extra performance time. All the cosplayer whom take part in competition, get SONY PSP goodie bag. The winner of this competition was drop to, Dark Vader[third prize],Jack Sparrow[second prize],& Chaos win the grand prize.

After the competiton, all the cosplayer are invite by MySciFic to having FREE meal in their Cineleisure outlet. Today was their first Anniversary of MySciFIc, later they will gather all the member for some games.

*thanks for showing me the D' impossible digital comic, i hope Cedko and his gang will getting more tranffic from thier website.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy - Happy Moments

GACC 2008 Venue: MMU Melaka Campus Hall

Date: 1st - 2nd March 2008 Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Yet this event had been organize 3th time in their Melaka Campus, and i also able to the event three time. Never miss his out their Genki-ness, as they keep promise that always invite special guest - Seiyuu. This time they invite "Ichigo Kurosaki" Seiyuu - Masakazu Morita.

On Saturday 1st of March , Me and other CF forumer take bus ride at the KL Sental. Our's depart time is 8.00am, and it took about 2 and half hours to arrive in the campus.
[]the next day will increase to 2 buses, so the time depart to MMU Melaka Campus still the same...]

The venue hall are already full with visiter , cosplayer, doujin-ka [doujin artist], business booth owner & other online game company. The GACC commitee member are give away some goodie for each visitor, so i able grab few magazine and one GACC catalog.

As usual,GACC start with their opening AMV, this time they use "Tengen Toppa - Sorairo Days" as their event OP.

[This anime quite popular in 2007, but i didt manage to watch it coz my store still got pretty of anime waiting me to watch...XD ]

The Emcee of the event, are chairman Edo and CF fellow -Hishashi Gays....Also the Hard Gay..? XD...The Event are organize some competition like, art character design, Gundam figure, Games console, Doujin Games, Card Games Tournament...etc.

There was a room special for ppl to reading, GACC are prepare some nice magazine & manga for relaxing you body & mind....XD.

More report coming up..but first...

Here is video, use the photo with Sony Errison K550i..pls be patient to wait the vid dl...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy - Happy Moments Happy - Happy MomentsHappy - Happy Moments
*Before celebrate CNY [Chinese New Year], i decide to clean up my "stock box". Then, i found some my old small 3R Photo. Those are the photo taken by Taiwan Comic event, which i been visit four years ago. Now i post it in here to share the happy moment with "minna san" [everyone]!
Pls do come to my journal site, pls patient to wait my other ACG trip report!! Hope that you also can feel my happy moment in my life...XD

:: Comic World SE 27, Taipei Taiwan 2004 ::

This actually my first oversea Anime event tour, visit the *last day of Comic World Taiwan.
This event should called as **"Comic World SE 27".
*(Also my first time came to visit Taiwan, so my family sugest me visit "all Taiwan"..Then only attend the Comic Event...T__T miss out lot of cosplayer photo)
**(This also the last event, that SE company corparate with CWT!).

*this is the location...HUGE damn BIG!!

Ths Venue take place at National Taiwan Normal University, inside the Gymnasium Hall 3th floor! In front of the enterance, there was a big soccer field...suitable for athletic to exercise!
(*punch myself cos most the coser all stand outside the hall, i feel like i spoil my 150 TWD)

Since it was the last day of event, so i try to shoot as many as photo i can take!* Some cosplayer are amazing, they really can bring out the Realistic character feel from Manga!! So happy when i was able to recongnise some cosplayer they are cosplay as, i feel i not the only one in the "ACG fantasy land...!". I think my Taiwan trip is worth it!! XD
[sadly that i only take few, coz photo limit are 35!!My camera is "instant camera", so taiwan trip and comic event photo had to share share!!]...i should bring family digital camera...orz

The highlight of event are, Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist & Gundam Seed cosplayer. I see lots of FMA cosplay group / gang hanging around the event!!. Later when i came to the Doujin booth, i surprise that they are allow to sell *"Yaoi" - sensitive kind of doujin in their event
[instant of Shonen Ai, Yaoi more like Man X Man rather then Boy X Boy...After i realise in "ACG dictionary", Man X Man are more interesting....OMG what i saying!!! Should i call myself as "fujishu"??? ]-this only a personal opinion, i do not involve anyone else!! X>..

After hangin about few hours, is time to have lunch. Me and my friend are decide to had lunch in their campus canteen! Now the Campus is organise a comic event, so wasnt surprise to see "Kamen Rider" pay his lunch at the Canteen counter! Our lunch by today is "instant mee", and my is the beef fav mee!!

We get back to the event after finish the lunch, so i continues my "Digital Video Shoot". The FMA & POT cosplay group are given the stage performance, Every visiter are really enjoy their performance!!

Before leaving the event...Lucky i able catch up a video shoot from a "Kawaii" ED coser..i think he only 5 years olds, and his was carry by his father i guess..So kid really do "kill" lots of film, visitor all gather around him just wanna shoot his cute face!!

We leave the hall after the event end, so everyone are pack their belongi and farewall to their friend each other.

Today i able grab lots nice item, some poster, doujin, merchandise...Not forgive, the happy memory inside the comic event!!

I sure i will back in Taipei comic event, once i had the chance.