Tuesday, June 24, 2008

*Where is my fav source? Cant eat without "maggie" ketchup!*..XD
[just a joke, EVA fan should knew what i mean..Thats was happen a scene in EVA TV series, when this mecha are eating the monster...]

When see this picture, it remind me back to late 90's.
I was watching this Eva TV series, in my college friend house.
[actually EVA was the first anime TV series that i watch, i mean in college....]^_^

Oh yeah, lucky i clean up my old newspaper...Thank to the AllMalaysia.info aka Star newspaper, giving us-M'sia blogger opportunity take part in this competition. I should know it, when i see the Eva promotion sticker on the Cineleisure @ Cineplex floor. [i remember coz that time i watch "KungFu Panda" with my family member!]

PLS PICK me as WHat my blogger say, crazy and royalty to anime!! XD

[I think we should had a party, EVA cosplay Party!! Star ppl pls accept my suggestion, this should be fun a all!! XD]

P/S:btw "source" should be "sauce" or "ketchup" better? [after i send the entry for this competition, then only i find out i make the mistake again!...never mind, as long minna san enjoy reading my blog...^_^ let say he ha, hele he ha...ketchup dance..XD!!]

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