Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy - Happy Moments

GACC 2008 Venue: MMU Melaka Campus Hall

Date: 1st - 2nd March 2008 Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Yet this event had been organize 3th time in their Melaka Campus, and i also able to the event three time. Never miss his out their Genki-ness, as they keep promise that always invite special guest - Seiyuu. This time they invite "Ichigo Kurosaki" Seiyuu - Masakazu Morita.

On Saturday 1st of March , Me and other CF forumer take bus ride at the KL Sental. Our's depart time is 8.00am, and it took about 2 and half hours to arrive in the campus.
[]the next day will increase to 2 buses, so the time depart to MMU Melaka Campus still the same...]

The venue hall are already full with visiter , cosplayer, doujin-ka [doujin artist], business booth owner & other online game company. The GACC commitee member are give away some goodie for each visitor, so i able grab few magazine and one GACC catalog.

As usual,GACC start with their opening AMV, this time they use "Tengen Toppa - Sorairo Days" as their event OP.

[This anime quite popular in 2007, but i didt manage to watch it coz my store still got pretty of anime waiting me to watch...XD ]

The Emcee of the event, are chairman Edo and CF fellow -Hishashi Gays....Also the Hard Gay..? XD...The Event are organize some competition like, art character design, Gundam figure, Games console, Doujin Games, Card Games Tournament...etc.

There was a room special for ppl to reading, GACC are prepare some nice magazine & manga for relaxing you body & mind....XD.

More report coming up..but first...

Here is video, use the photo with Sony Errison K550i..pls be patient to wait the vid dl...

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