Friday, September 21, 2012

TAF Day 2 @ 2nd September

Taylor Asaban Festival [TAF] 2012
Venue: Grand Hall, Lakeside Campus
Date: 1st - 2nd September 2012
[*yes it crash with STGCC, as well as 2nd Sept the Anicom cosplay competition final]

Yesterday the TAF trip pay a lot of tol fee, so today i decide use Federal Highway to the destination. Lucky no traffic jam all the way to Taylor campus!!!

Today i bring along my Nyanko-Sensei to venue, special purchase from Japan - Ikebukuro Street. Everyone luv him so much!!!

Today highlight is singing competition & solo cosplay competition, other will be JRock band performance. Most of the senior level cosplayer are already go for Final cosplay competition in Sungai Wang Plaze. So today eye-witness some full-dresses cosplayer inside the hall.

Outside the Grand Hall which the campus surround by a lakeside aka Pool, is a nice place for cosplay photoshoot. For those didt attend STGCC & the final Competition, i see lot people plan & make their cosplay photoshoot in that area...*i also make cameo shoot for my Nyanko-Sensei too...X3

*Again, i need gather info of winner from singing & cosplay competition...

Feel free visit TAF 2012 Day 2

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