Friday, September 21, 2012

Resident Evil 5th Movie Premier

Resident Evil 5th Movie Premier
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Main Entrance
Date: 7th September 2012 [Friday]

After claim my sunglasses & case, me & sister head to Sunway Pyramid for RE 5th movie premiere. One of the cast - Ada Wong aka Lee Bin Bin will make appearance for promote the movie. Sister went to the shopping district, and i stand in the shopping mall entrance wait for Lee Bin Bin. TGV worker start give away the T-shirt and poster, my friend who cos Leon he get 1 huge RE poster. Lately, the MC start a game which the winner can walk away an exclusive Imax movie ticket. And they can watch the movie with Lee Bin Bin. I leave the area & meet my sis, bcoz i cannot "tahan" the man natural smell...

Although i didt get the poster, T or even the Imax ticket. I got myself 4 free movie passes from Radio SMS contest!! Overall the movie is quite good, the action scene which fulfill a lot of audience taste. Myself only wanna see my fav RE idol - Leon in action, it was act by Johann Urb. Hope someone...or get enough $$ to purchase RE6 which gonna release in Oct!!!

Few photo, not much...::RE 5th movie premier::

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