Thursday, May 21, 2009

>>C2Age 2009<<
Date - 16th May 2009
Time - 10.30am to 6.00pm
Venue - Help University College

Arrive there about 3pm, and quickly go down to the HELP hallway.

The booth arrange just like last year, all the Online game, U company and other booth stand beside the hallway. Few visiter hang out in the booth, other was sitting in front ot the stage. Few cosplayer able attend in this year C2age, but i only catch up few photo of the coser...Feel free to watch all the edit photo in my webshot album=> :: C2Age 2009 photo link::

Later the performance of cosplay competition are starter...

:: Singing Gundam song ::

:: DelacroixHikaru performance ::

:: Beatbox performance ::
:: Kakashi performance ::*
I type out the name first, later i will upload the related video on my :: youtube channel ::.

After the cosplayer performance, is time for "Guess the song" section. I feel that our Otaku knowledge wasnt enough, coz most of the song we cant guess it correctly.

The Last programne, C2age all time fav traditional games - Anime Chess game. first it wasnt enough ppl to start the game, until the main player -"king" himself choose the other player join in. Then, Anime Chess game can start to play!!!


Although not many visitor came to event, but for me C2age 2009 was succeful been held. My personal wish they get bigger success in next year come![til new HELP college university building finish renovate!]

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