Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ACGC (Animation Comic Game Convention)
Date: 21 - 22 March 2009 (SAT & SUN)
Time: 11AM - 9PM
Venue: Tropicana City Mall

This time i wear my contact len for first time, it all bcoz my Alto Saotome need!! Sadly cant slim down more kg, but try "play" the character well in front of my friend!! need to ask me what i doing there, cos u can found me in every KL acg event !! This time as usual, selling my own exclusive DIY merchandise! My door hanger still the most popular product, but something i didt aspect that 2 kid bought my Persona 3 Armband. they spend lot money on such thing, for me i didt spend that much amount in my childhood!!

k..Photo snapshot season!! Once i open an artist in acg event, i fell very hard time to catch all coser photo!! Thanks for my younger sister, she help me take care my artist booth. And i will going around to snap the cosplayer photo!!

Here i present, the cosplay group winner - DMC gang stage performance vid clip....

Second part

Both day i didt stay till the end, coz i feel so tired.

For more ACGC video clip, feel free go to my Youtube site -
+Lowies Chew YT+
+ACGC Day 1+
***ACGC DAy 2 photo coming up...

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