Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Coming soon! Sun-U AniMangaki 2009 video !

Download song:
Highly recommander song: Cagayake! girl

When i heard it at first time, oh i luv the lyrics and the tune. Quickly i log on to Gendou site, download it and keep listen it!!

After i heard it few time, my mind came out an, actually is inspiration from DannyChoo video ->

So i would like to make an event video, background music will use cagayake! girl. Oh! Sunway college university will organize acg event on late of June. I guess i should name it as "Cagayake! Girl @ Sun-U AniMangaki 2009". *Damn the name is long, maybe will change it after the video done....^_^

Minna san, if u interest join my project...let me know so we can make a great music video, tribute to our beloved Anime culuture...

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