Sunday, August 29, 2004

SE Comic World 2004

Date: 28-29th Aug 2004
Venue: 台北师范大学  [aka National Taiwan Normal University Photo]
*Video was snap/record on 29th aug 2004

After quit my GD job, i decide go on a trip to Taiwan. And visit SE Comic World 2004 was drop on their last day. Thank to a Msia friend who guide me to the event....1st time oversea ACG event experience.

This actually my first oversea Anime event tour, visit the *last day of Comic World Taiwan.
This event should called as **"Comic World SE 27".
*(Also my first time came to visit Taiwan, so my family sugest me visit "all Taiwan"..Then only attend the Comic Event...T__T miss out lot of cosplayer photo)
**(This also the last event, that SE company corparate with CWT!).

Ths Venue take place at National Taiwan Normal University, inside the Gymnasium Hall 3th floor! In front of the enterance, there was a big soccer field...suitable for athletic to exercise!
(*punch myself cos most the coser all stand outside the hall, i feel like i spoil my 150 TWD)

Since it was the last day of event, so i try to shoot as many as photo i can take!* Some cosplayer are amazing, they really can bring out the Realistic character feel from Manga!! So happy when i was able to recongnise some cosplayer they are cosplay as, i feel i not the only one in the "ACG fantasy land...!". I think my Taiwan trip is worth it!! XD
[sadly that i only take few, coz photo limit are 35!!My camera is "instant camera", so taiwan trip and comic event photo had to share share!!]...i should bring family digital camera...orz

The highlight of event are, Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist & Gundam Seed cosplayer. I see lots of FMA cosplay group / gang hanging around the event!!. Later when i came to the Doujin booth, i surprise that they are allow to sell *"Yaoi" - sensitive kind of doujin in their event
[instant of Shonen Ai, Yaoi more like Man X Man rather then Boy X Boy...After i realise in "ACG dictionary", Man X Man are more interesting....OMG what i saying!!! Should i call myself as "fujishu"??? ]-this only a personal opinion, i do not involve anyone else!! X>..

After hangin about few hours, is time to have lunch. Me and my friend are decide to had lunch in their campus canteen! Now the Campus is organise a comic event, so wasnt surprise to see "Kamen Rider" pay his lunch at the Canteen counter! Our lunch by today is "instant mee", and my is the beef fav mee!!

We get back to the event after finish the lunch, so i continues my "Digital Video Shoot". The FMA & POT cosplay group are given the stage performance, Every visiter are really enjoy their performance!!

Before leaving the event...Lucky i able catch up a video shoot from a "Kawaii" ED coser..i think he only 5 years olds, and his was carry by his father i guess..So kid really do "kill" lots of film, visitor all gather around him just wanna shoot his cute face!!

We leave the hall after the event end, so everyone are pack their belongi and farewall to their friend each other.

Today i able grab lots nice item, some poster, doujin, merchandise...Not forgive, the happy memory inside the comic event!!

I sure i will back in Taipei comic event, once i had the chance.

**I'm regret not carry my Nikon camera, because i had to share 36 from my instant camera...Carry a Sony Digital cam and instant camera wasn't a easy task.

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