Monday, February 21, 2011

AGC Opening 2011

Date: 23th January 2011, Sun
Times: 11am - 8pm
Venue: E@Curve 1nd Floor, Mutiara Damansara

AGC [Asia Games Channel] a brand new game console distributor, recently just held grand opening on 23th January few days before Chinese new year. The shop located beside a Non-24 Hours 7-Elevan shop, is easy to spot with the neon-light sign board. AGC will plan to open several franchise in Malaysia, and even Singapore too. Good new to all the gamer include me!!

Arrive there approx about 9am, some gamer even reach there much early than i am. Some people busy with their handheld game console, for me just sit there and wait the gate open. Since i still didnt eat anything in the morning, head to Mcd finish it and get back to AGC outlet.

AGC organize a lot of activities for grand opening such as...
- TEKKEN 6 Pre Tournament challenge

- Dance Central Kinect challenge, too hyper enjoy it til i fell i can "betrayal" Wii .
- Break The Code challenge- break the Pad Lock and get a chance walk away some Ang Pao, or PlayStation 3 console.

AGC also offer some game title, console & related accessories promotion. Unfortunately, they didn't offer any Wii title in the shop. Overoll, the cosplayer, the gamer, the visitor were having a jolly time in AGC.

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