Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy - Happy Moments


Today totally AWESOME!!! XD
I really can't believe that, i can pass thru the 24 hours without sleep.

20th & 21th Okt is a great day for the cartoonist, about 50 cartoonist take part in the "24 pages comic in 24 hours". This event is a nationality, which mean those 50 ppl are also work out together with other cartoonist in worldwide!! [hehe...i was one of the 50 cartoonist...^^]

Venue still the same as last year, but it move a bit into the center of Cineleisure Mall [in front of main enterance!].

This time Cedko ppl are really creative, they build up a clock shape carpet under the floor. We - the 50 cartoonist were surround inside the clock-shape carpert area. [not confirm is fix all 50 artist!..some artist only able draw few pages, due health problem had to leave early!]

The event started on 12 noon, every cartoonist are getting busy. I was drawing about my life, how i get involve in acg / anime life. During the challenge, Cedko provide hot & cold drink all the 24 hours. I was drinking instant coffee to hold my enegry, try finish my 24 hours comic challenge til End. Some CF forumer did came to the place, support me and cheer me up! I really thank for their support!

This challege was end on next day, by 10:00am sharp on time. Few minute later, all the cartoonist was recieved a memorial cetificate. Now we able to due with such this challege, to prove that we had the special ability & talent. Many country comic artist already proof it, they can do it so do we!! I really proud of myself!!

My lovely plushie-poring, always stay beside me where ever i go![otherway, it very useful for nice pillow!! XD]

Begining ...the preparation of the 24 hours non-stop challege

waiting to recieve a certificate

many ppl appear in "Cineleisure" hall...
Our 24 pages comic was display on the table, so the people can view our comic!!

If i able scan the NST article, will post the link in this post. Thanks for reading my blogger post!!

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